Property Management Services

Property Management Services

Locally Based

Bringing nearly a decade of industry specific local experience to the table. We are your “boots on the ground!” Meticulously maintaining your home and staying relevant to the evolving Lake Oklawaha market.


Our master skill set within client and guest relations sets us apart, creating a reputable culture of deep-rooted relationships and loyal guests.

Industry Leading Technology

We utilize industry leading technology to maximize visibility, revenue, and occupancy. Our toolbox includes Dynamic Pricing, online booking across multiple platforms, contactless entry, return guest incentives, and much more.

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Elevate Your Lake Oklawaha Experience

We bring nearly a decade of industry specific experience to the table. We know creating a trustworthy relationship is a crucial element to this business; at Lake Oklawaha RV Resort we establish an elite level of trust with our clients and guests alike.

Unrivaled Guest Relationship Services

With nearly 20 years of guest and consumer relations experience, our team brings an unmatched level of skills to the local market. We are modern day travel agents! Our team is ready to assist guests quickly and efficiently. From pre-booking inquiries to questions leading up to the departure day; our team is available ensuring guests can keep the focus on making long-lasting memories under the Lake Oklawaha.

Elevate Your Lake Oklawaha Experience

Choosing the Right Investment Property

Extensive knowledge of the local area paired with a thorough understanding of your target demographic are key factors when purchasing the right investment property. We work with you to guide you in choosing the investment property that works best for you and yours, but will also maximize your investment.

Maximize Revenue

We understand the Lake Oklawaha market and the demographics looking to book your property. We offer service and advice to guide you through the process of the initial purchase through creating one of the most memorable home bases in Lake Oklawaha.

Creating a Culture

Our master skills within client and guest relations creates a culture of deep-rooted relationships. We work with you to ensure your home is a part of our, “Peak” homes collection. Ensuring guests will come to recognize the elite vacation rental you have produced. Inviting guests to create memorable life-long experiences and loyal returning guests.

Elite Level of Trust

We know creating an elite level of trust is a crucial element within our business. At Lake Oklawaha RV Resort, we make it our mission to establish a trustworthy relationship rich in communication.

It’s More Than Just Another Rental

We strive to elevate your vacation rental to be more than just another rental on the market, we are creating a brand for each unique property we manage.

Committed Realtors

We work with local realtors, helping to pair you with a real estate partner that understands the local market and makes it their mission to understand your needs. In return, pairing you with your dream home under the Lake Oklawaha.


When you join the Lake Oklawaha RV Resort team you gain access to our elite network of local trade professionals. We can work with you to create a short-term renovation plan or a long-term plan to best serve you.


We don’t sell homes. We sell pictures of your home! We work with a local professional photographer to capture your home at it’s best.

Rental Agreements

All guests must sign a detailed rental agreement upon booking your home. We ensure all guests understand the policies, rules, and regulations when renting your home.

Interior Design

Not a designer? Don’t worry we have you covered. From in-house design to hiring a local professional, we work with you to develop the best plan for turning your home into a, “Peak” property under the Lake Oklawaha.

Liability / insurance

Insurance is complicated! We offer travel and damage insurance to our guests. We will also help guide you when establishing insurance to make sure you are properly covered.

Elevate Your Lake Oklawaha Experience Today

How We Market Your Properties

The vacation rental industry is the fastest growing segment of the travel industry. At Lake Oklawaha RV Resort, we make it our mission to exceed the industry standards. We use our industry leading technology to craft a property specific plan to maximize visibility, revenue, and occupancy of your home.

OTA Integrations

Through our industry leading software, we are connected to large OTA’s ensuring maximum visibility of your home.

Featured Properties

We establish “Peak” properties, all of our homes must meet the “Peak “ property requirements to be listed on the Lake Oklawaha RV Resort Portfolio.

Email Campaigns

Deep-rooted relationships are our MO! We stay connected with all our guests through email campaigns and newsletters. We create a lasting link to Lake Oklawaha for our guests, stimulating a “fear of missing out” encouraging guests to book another adventure under the Lake Oklawaha.

SEO/Web Content

We work with a professional industry specific SEO company to ensure we are turning lookers into bookers! By providing rich content about our homes and the area, we help guests with every step of their vacation planning process.

Establishing A Brand

By establishing a brand for your home, we create a deeper connection with our guests. We help them to fall in love with their new, “home away from home,” creating a level of attachment and comfort; incentivizing them to return.

Targeted Social Media

We create target campaigns within our social media accounts to capture each demographic looking to escape for a Lake Oklawaha adventure. Through the targeted campaigns we build excitement, curiosity, and direct booking options.